Calf Care Course



  1 day course

  £180 + VAT    

  Open to All

 Tutor: Sally Wilson BVMS DBR MRCVS

This course has been developed to help all who are involved in rearing neonatal calves and who want to expand their knowledge and progress their careers and/or businesses.

What you can expect this Course to provide:

  • an emphasis on achieving and maintaining the best calf health and development from birth to weaning
  • a platform of knowledge and skill from which your ongoing experience will enable you to realise every calf's potential
  • a review of some of the latest work carried out in the U.S. showing the best way to achieve the fastest growth rates and the best calf health. We will also cover the most common calf illnesses, how to identify them in the early stages and thus enable treatment sooner rather than later and, more importantly, how to reduce the rate of calf disease.
  • an emphasis on practical ability in areas such as checking colostrum quality, taking calf blood and checking immunity levels in young calves.
  • the ability to perform a basic clinical examination of a calf, to quickly recognise a sick calf and a knowledge of the range of treatments available.

Other areas covered include nutrition and weaning of the neonatal calf.

Places are limited to enable maximum individual tuition.

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