Starter Course for Herdspersons



 1 day Course

  £180 + VAT      

  Open to All

Tutor: Sally Wilson BVMS DBR MRCVS

This 1-day course has been developed to help those with little to no knowledge of dairy cows but would like to gain more knowledge with the long-term aim of working full-time with dairy cows. It would also suit people who have some experience of dairy cows but would like to gain more working knowledge and confidence in handling.

What you can expect from this Course:

  • both theory and practical elements to the day
  • In-depth instruction on:
    • the structure and the future of the dairy industry;
    • which area of the industry would be most suited to your abilities and aspirations and where you would be most able to make a worthwhile contribution
    • basic stockmanship skills such as handling and cow behaviour with a heavy emphasis on welfare;
    • the main areas where stockmen can make a difference, financially, to the business;
    • a day in the life of a quality herdsperson.

Places are limited to enable maximum individual tuition.