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Vet Tech (Veterinary Technician) services by Evolution Farm Vets' own Vet Tech

As your farm gets busier, it’s difficult to ensure effective herd health jobs get done, at the right time, in the right way.

Evolution Farm Vets’ fully trained and experienced farm veterinary technicians (Vet Techs) offer a hassle-free way to get your herd health jobs done, at the right time, in the right way, lowering health related losses. Our Vet Techs (Vet Technician) free up your farm staff to do other jobs. Vet Techs (Veterinary Technician) help keep your farm running smoothly whilst saving you money, as well as working closely with our dedicated farm-only vets to implement preventative plans

Disbudding by VetTechs

  •   Stress-free for you and your calves to help maintain feed intake and growth rates
  •   Just point our VetTechs at the right calves and we’ll do the rest for you!

Mobility scoring and report by VetTechs

  •   Regular scoring by a RoMS accredited Vet Tech
  •   Our VetTech reports after each scoring session in order to monitor progress and highlight any potential issues early
  •   Veterinary backup for you if our Vet Techs suspect problems
  •   Trimming service by Evolution trimmer using our own hydraulic crush which makes it convenient to do 2-200 cows

AI-ing by VetTechs

  •   Our Veterinary Technician can do one-offs if your AI technician is unavailable
  •   Synch AIs
  •   Along with veterinary guidance, our vet techs can set up groups of cows on synchronisation programmes and AI them as a group
  •   We can source, store and provide semen if you have no semen storage

Freeze branding by VetTechs

  •   Our Vet Tech can provide a full freeze branding service for your cattle
  •   Our unique freeze branding service by Vet Techs allows you to carry out other jobs whilst your cattle are being branded. Our Vet Technicians have found this saves cattle farmers a lot of time and hassle, especially during the busy youngstock turnout and housing periods.

Calf growth routines with VetTechs

  •   Use our Vet Techs to combine disbudding and vaccinations with weighing and health monitoring of your calves
    • The best value way to give your calves the best start
    • Our Vet Tech will take samples to monitor calf health, keep accurate records, produce growth reports and our Vet Technician will let you know if your calves are not reaching their set targets

Vaccinations by VetTechs

  •   Our Veterinary Technician can help maintain herd health by administering vaccines at the right times
    • Our VetTech brings your vaccines to your farm, at the right temperature and at the right time and our Vet Tech injects the right animals
    • Our VetTech keeps accurate records and updates your electronic medicines book if required. Our VetTechs book any second doses automatically so you don't need to remember

Parasite control and prevention by VetTechs (Veterinary Technicians) working closely with our farm vets

  •   Regular dung sample collection. We know that the most successful farms are where Farm Vet Techs collect all the samples
  •   In-house faecal egg counting
  •   Advice on worming treatments
  •   Fly parasite supply and distribution for a sustainable element to fly control

Data input by VetTechs

  •   Our Vet Techs can help you ensure record-keeping is up to date
    • Accurate upkeep of medicine records, stock monitoring and medicines rotation to avoid wastage

Fresh Cow checks by VetTechs

  •   Our Vet Techs make sure your fresh cows are ready to go in time for their first service
  •   Our Vet Techs check the right cows at the right time, administering and recording any treatments required

And there’s NO visit fee when you use our Vet Techs

Vet Techs (Veterinary Technician) by Evolution Farm Vets' own experienced VetTech. Our Vet Techs services are available across Somerset, East Devon and West Dorset.

To hear how our Vet Techs could help keep your farm running smoothly whilst saving you money, simply call 01278 734 828