Evolution Farmer Training

At Evolution Vets, we have supported our dairy farmers in an ever-changing variety of ways since 2007. We are committed to continuing the development of our veterinary services to ensure that our input continues to be relevant, current and forward-thinking.

The dairy industry is evolving rapidly. Farmers are becoming increasingly educated and capable in wider and more involved areas of cow health: gone are the days, for instance, when a dairy farmer called out his vet for a  milk fever. We welcome both this change, and our resultant expanding role as dairy vets, with enthusiasm. Farm vets no longer feel the need to protect their veterinary knowledge - instead, we are now able to share much of it with the growing number of farmers who are keen to learn more.

This changing atmosphere is enabling us to spend progressively more of our time consulting with our clients: advising, teaching and supporting, encouraging and enabling them to become involved to a greater extent in the actual implementation of the advice. In simple terms, showing farmers how to “Do It Themselves”!

We feel strongly that this type of training and support should be available in an established and structured format to all dairy farms. To this end, we have launched Evolution Farmer Training, through which we offer a selection of carefully-planned training courses available to all farmers and their herdspeople. Our courses are not restricted to clients of Evolution Vets.

All Evolution Training Courses are delivered to very small groups; all have emphasis on practical one-to-one tuition; all are carried out on commercial farms with commercial dairy animals under close, veterinary supervision. If equipment is necessary, it will be provided unless the individual course details state otherwise. Lunch and refreshments are included in the price.

We also offer bespoke training - on your own farm or otherwise. Read more here. There are times when individual requirements would be better served by a course run on your own farm for instance, using your own animals and equipment; or when it would be better to run the course over 2 or 3 days - whatever your training needs, we will try our best to answer them. Give Sally a ring to discuss a bespoke course (01278 734828) or email her here.

We think you will agree that this is a good example of “Evolution” in practice . . . and our vet practice living up to its name! If you like our ethos, have ambitions to get to the top of your game or simply want to learn more about cow health, have a look here at the courses we run. Costs and booking information are given with the details of each course