Artificial Insemination Training Course



 3-day Course

  £475 + VAT      

 Open to All


Tutor: Sally Wilson BVMS DBR MRCVS

This course teaches skills involved in performing DIY bovine A.I. to you and/or your staff, progressing Evolution Vets' strong belief in sharing some of their veterinary knowledge with farmers, thus helping them to increase self-sufficiency and control. 

This course is a 3-day course, with in-depth tutoring on both a practical and theory level - practical elements necessarily taking the limelight. The course covers:

  • anatomy/physiology of the cow's reproductive tract. This gives an understanding of what you aim to achieve... and why.
  • a full demonstration of semen-handling technique. This aspect of the procedure is very important, but often neglected and downgraded.
  • a practical one-to-one demonstration of how to pass an AI gun through the cervix. Emphasis is placed on how to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Ultra-sound scan of a uterus, showing how to determine where semen has been deposited.


PLACES ARE STRICTLY LIMITED TO ENABLE MAXIMUM INDIVIDUAL TUITION. This is a popular course: early booking is recommended

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Artificial Insemination Training Course

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