Managing Infectious Disease on your Dairy



  1 day course

  £149 + VAT      

  Open to All


  Tutor: Sally Wilson BVMS DBR MRCVS

This course has been developed to help all who are passionate about controlling, monitoring and, where possible, eliminating infectious disease on your dairy unit.

What you can expect from this Course:

  • This is a classroom-based course, aimed at improving knowledge and understanding for herdspeople around the main infectious diseases which are economically damaging to your dairy herd
  • This course will ensure that you have an indepth understanding, on a practical level, of BVD, IBR, Leptospirosis, Johnes and calf pneumonia.
  • You will learn how to discover your herd’s disease status; learn methods of how to reduce levels of disease; learn to prevent disease entering your herd and importantly, learn how to monitor disease status going forward
  • This will be a small, interactive discussion group and we will focus on the specific diseases the attendees are concerned with. Prior to attending, you will be sent a questionnaire to determine the areas of infectious disease which will most benefit you.

Classes are small, to enable maximum individual tuition and interactive discussion.

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