Coronavirus (Covid-19) information

A note from Sally and Brendan:

We consider ourselves to be very lucky that we are in a rural area and that we don’t have large numbers of staff to worry about regarding spread of the Coronavirus. All our vets and those admin staff who can are now working from home. The vets and vet tech will still be making their visits but will be adhering to the government guidelines re contact etc.


We have asked that clients don’t enter the Practice but ring ahead with orders so that we can organise leaving them for you to collect as we have been advised to behave as though we are carrying the virus and therefore need to reduce the chance of spread as much as possible.


So far, no members of our staff have had to self-isolate so we are not short of staff. We are making big efforts to keep the vets apart from each other so that we don’t all have to self- isolate at once. We therefore have every confidence that our service to our farms will continue as usual. This includes all routines, out of hours work, sick cow work, consultancy work etc. We have, however, postponed our farmer training courses due to people attending from all over the country.


We currently have Miles and Peter still in the office so meds orders, booking appointments etc should not be affected. But, it may take us a little longer to answer the phones during busier times so please be patient or try us again if you struggle to get through the first time. Everyone should have Brendan and my mobile numbers just in case there is a problem. If not, they are below.


Stay safe everyone!


Best wishes

Sally and Brendan